Trade UP Saskatchewan

Why Trades
  • Can I build a lifetime career?

    Saskatchewan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada and the construction industry is one of the largest sector employers. With significant projected retirements in the next few years and salaries significantly higher than most other sectors it is a great time to get your career in the construction trades started. Your path to a professional career in over 36 trades can start right now. If you are still in high school, are currently working in an unfulfilling job or a university grad there are opportunities in a variety of trades for everyone.

  • Do I have to go to school?

    With Direct Entry, you can begin work with an employer immediately. If you choose to go to school instead, we list various institutes that provide pre-trade training to obtain trade certification.
  • How do I get started?

    You can enter the construction trades in a variety of ways, most common are:
    • Direct Entry – get a job with an employer in a trade of your choice. Prove yourself with great workplace skills and aptitude, get recognized and your employer may choose to indenture you into an apprenticeship program. In four years you could become a journeyperson
    • Pre-Trades Training – go to school first in one of the many pre-trades programs and institutes across the province. Get trade specific training and certification and in some cases work placements. Complete your training and get a job using your certification.
  • How to conduct an effective job search?

    Conducting an effective job search in Construction depends upon knowing and implementing a series of learned skills. There are many aspects of this process that are very important, as a job search is a systematic progression, not a fragmented assortment of functions. Each step in the job search process works with the next step to provide the job seeker with the best opportunity for success.


Construction Knowledge

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Getting Started

Pre-trade Training

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Finding A Job

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Find the right trade for you
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Become an apprentice
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